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NVIDIA quits MCP business

Written by IT News on 4:08 AM

NVIDIA quits MCP business
More than a year ago, there were reports on the Internet claiming that NVIDIA would soon announce it would disappear from the global chip market, an allegation which has never confirmed by the company. Later, NVIDIA announced that a legal dispute with Intel, was a world leader in chip maker signed, under which licensing partnership between the two companies would not allow their presence to chipsets for its upcoming Nehalem-based products. Thus, in Santa Clara, California-based chip
maker has officially announced today that it will "continue to postpone investments chip" of Intel products.

There are a number of reports on the internet recently, concerning the status of the MCP NVIDIA's business segments, which is why the "Green Goblin" has decided to make an official statement. According to Igor Stanek, NVIDIA's PR Product of the central region, the company will continue "innovative integrated solutions for the Intel FSB architecture", as this is one segment that the company believes that a strong future.

But "false representations to Intel's customers and the market that we are not licensed to the new DMI bus, and unfair business tactics, even impossible, for us to market chipsets for upcoming processors. So until we issue to resolve in court next year we will defer further investment DMI chipsets for Intel processors, "said the statement.

NVIDIA took the opportunity to talk about the success seen in line with the GeForce 9400M and products ION, both adopted by a number of leading companies, including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Asus and others, while other companies still counting with the development of new products based on Nvidia's products, said. Moreover, as a chip maker, we will soon "innovative products" that the company plans to launch in the coming months, despite measures from Intel.

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