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Windows Live Messenger 9.0.1407.1107 beta

Written by IT News on 8:48 AM

The latest version of Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft has been released
Windows live messenger 9.0 has already begun, if you still using the previous version 8.1 and try to connect to the microsoft connect page then you will be directed to the newest version so if you are a beta tester what are you waiting for? upgrade to 9.0 version now, click here to download

Accoriding the to Microsoft website, it confirmed that windows live messenger is still offering as a free service.

Please that Windown live messenger is still in beta stage, so ONLY the beta tester will be able to sign in!

It’s the next-generation of MSN Messenger. Along with everything you already love about Messenger—your contact list, emoticons, instant access to your friends—there are brilliant new ways to connect and share your photos (and other stuff). As always, Windows Live Messenger is free to download Messenger and use most of its features.

Developer: Microsoft
License: Freeware
Size / OS: 17.2 MB, Windows XP/Vista
Last Updated: November 28th, 2007, 11:26 GMT
Download location: click here to download

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