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Online Pr0n Bank

Written by IT News on 12:28 AM

It was all about a typo, By: Vlad Constandes, SEO News Editor I

Typos are the source of many evil happenings all over the world, from wrong messages sent to wrong people, and continuously annoying people on the cell phone because you've remembered two numbers in the wrong order, up to changing the whole meaning of your essay’s catchphrase to make it be

the most obscene thing ever from a witty explanation of why people have all sorts of dreams. That actually happened, but I just don’t want to remember the whole story. The public humiliation still hurts.

The reason I've mentioned the obscene part is because it is in close connection to most of the typos that have a disastrous effect nowadays. You’d expect your average Joe Internet to misspell a word and then apologize for it, you’d even expect highly-educated people to make the occasional mistake when on the hurry. What you wouldn’t expect is that a mistake made by a person, who is paid and paid well in order to not let these things happen, is being made and not cared after immediately.

The online Egg bank was the one to deliver today’s pr0n content to innocent people that just wanted to check out its offer of one free month of DVD rentals, but instead were up against pictures of almost naked women that were stretching all over the place and, furthermore, were up against a search engine that had a "spank it" instead of a "search" button.

This happened before, but it was a result of hacking, not of typos. I don’t know what the employee doing the typing was thinking about or what sites he was visiting, but he spelled instead of Unfortunately, it got taken care of, so you won’t be able to see this for yourself and you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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