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Free LightZone 3.3

Written by IT News on 12:23 AM

LightZone is a proprietary photo browser and editor for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It's like Photoshop and The Gimp, but it's easier to use and focused on photography.

LightZone photo editor features raw file support, high-fidelity color space management, color-managed printing and completely non-destructive editing

The Linux tarball is a complete binary including a manual and a Sun Java JRE. It requires no privileges and runs no install scripts.

LightZone is a proprietary photo editor developed by Light Crafts, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA.


  • Expect this to run on x86 linux with at least 1GB RAM. 64-bit processors (AMD64/EM64T) may work too, in 32-bit mode. Other platforms won't work.
  • Any modern linux distro should be OK. No special packages are required. Any desktop (Gnome, KDE, etc.) or window manager should be fine.
  • Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
LightZone Re-Light Tool creates HDR images from a single exposure
  • In contrast, with just a click, the LightZone Relight Tool reveals hidden HDR detail in both the highlights and the shadows, using just a single exposure. For instance, you’ll see both saturated colors of a sunset and bright detail in the face of a back lit subject that was formerly lost. Achieving such stunning results from a single exposure without LightZone would require multiple flashes, reflectors and shades at the time the photograph -- if it could be possible at all.

Light Crafts’ commitment to Linux, Mac and Windows
  • “The Linux release is our latest initiative to make LightZone available to as many users on as many operating systems as possible. Light Crafts serves a diverse Linux community consisting of many creative individuals who want the same high quality, robustness and powerful commercial photo-editing tools that are available for Windows and Mac users,” said Fabio Riccardi, CEO, Light Crafts. “With LightZone for Linux, we can provide even more photographers with easy-to-use and innovative software.
The new Linux version has been internally tested on such popular distributions as Ubuntu, Red Hat and Debian, with others planned.

Developer: Anton Kast
License: Freely Distributable
Price: FREE
Last Updated: December 19th, 2007 11:27
Download LightZone 3.3

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