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Affordable applications management software

Written by IT News on 10:58 PM

Applications Manager is an enterprise-ready and affordable applications management software which facilitates application server monitoring, database monitoring, server monitoring, website monitoring, service management, and custom application monitoring.

It is an easy-to-use software for IT Administrators and Operators managing an Internet Data Center or the IT infrastructure of an enterprise. It monitors performance and availability of the IT infrastructure and provides fault management and notification capabilities.

Download Applications Manager Free/Professional/Enterprise Edition, click here to see comparison table.

Free Edition:
Allows you to monitor 5 monitors in your network. This Free version never expires and you get all functionality of the Professional Edition.

Installing Applications Manager allows you to monitor your resources without any restriction for 30 days.

Enterprise Edition:
Installing Applications Manager allows you to monitor resources of a large environment with a distributed setup, for 30 days. Know more about Enterprise Edition

Steps to get ManageEngine® Applications Manager work

  • Download and Install ManageEngine® Applications Manager in your system.
  • Configure the desired monitors (using the web client) via Telnet, SSH or SNMP. To configure, you will need to specify only the Host Name, Credentials and mode of monitoring. More Help
  • The performance stats get stored in a MySQL database and you can get to view the data in the webclient in the form of graphs and reports.
  • You can configure alerts (EMail, SMS, Execute Program, etc.,) when any attribute crosses the configured threshold level. For eg., if the CPU utilization of Linux servers cross 90%, you can configure an EMail alert to be generated and delivered to along with the root cause analysis of the problem.
  • So, you are ready to monitor the various applications and servers in your environment in a matter of few minutes.

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