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UK's most complete broadband provides

Written by IT News on 9:10 PM

Broadband is a fast and always-on internet connection. Broadband makes more possible, such as surfing at faster speeds, sending and receiving large email attachments and downloading music and video.

Is your broadband disappointed? or you don't have any broadband yet? so what is your internet connection then? If you planning to have a Broadband connection, I suggest you to check BT Total Broadband, the UK's most complete broadband provides the best value first time broadband package.

BT Total Broadband offering three difference packages, if you are new to broadband internet and your internet connection demand is not critical, the option 1 package is best choice. Option 1 offer a cheap broadband package combined with basic online security

Features, parental controls and a 5GB download allowance, everything you need to start enjoying the web at high speed.

Here are some features for BT Total Broadband: Option 1
* Standard Wired Router4
* A fast, reliable connection –
up to 8Mb download speeds5
* 5GB monthly download allowance
* 24/7 customer support6
* An additional phone line with inclusive UK7 calls
* 250 Wi-Fi minutes per month8
* BT Vision ready - get access to thousands of hours of entertainment
* Hassle-free installation available
* 5GB FREE secure online storage with BT Digital Vault
* Basic online security
* Get great savings on travel, leisure, food and drink with My Offers

And if you think you need unlimited download and more speed, the option 3 is best for you. The option 3 is the ultimate package, complete with the wireless BT Home Hub and Hub Phone and unlimited download allowance. Take full advantage of everything broadband has to offer right now, and in the future.

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