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Donate Boat to Charity

Written by IT News on 10:55 PM

Boatangel is the nicest national 501-C-3 NON-PROFIT boat donation center in the world.
accept boats and yachts from partner charities from across America. We are very selective about the charities that we serve. You choose the Charity you want to benefit from your old yacht, boat or trailer.

All accepted boat donations and sells them on ebay at for the purpose of creating and distributing absolutely free of charge (even free shipping) Children's Christian Animations on DVDs.

You can now order them for free or you can preview them at

Boatangel has just completed the AntiDrug use Documentary, Starring skateboard legends Jay Adams from Dogtown's Z Boys, Christian Hosoi, Dennis Martinez (world champion), Bruce Logan (world skateboarding champion) in their rise to fame, fall from drugs and redemption, free screener DVDs are available for groups.

Have any question such how it work, how to start donate Boat or how to Donate my Boat?
Please go to the website, you will find lots of information and you will find your answer.
Boatangel Carangel has less than 5% overhead. Watch the youtube video clips here

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