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Google Listens to Its Users

Written by IT News on 3:03 AM

When it comes to blogging, that is
By: Vlad Constandes, SEO News Editor |

In a continuous attempt to make its users happy, Google decided to step up its support response to those in dire need of assistance and began taking every service at a time to solve the most outstanding problems reported.

Today, it is the Official Blogger Buzz from Blogger reporting that some of the features that had been taken out with some of the updates and that were actually some
of the crowd’s favorites have been brought back for everybody to enjoy them. Furthermore, they have even apologized in a believable manner, which I particularly find so difficult to find nowadays, when you know that they are offering you their service for free and they know that you know it. Or, at least that’s the Mark Zuckenberg take on the whole "user is our master" situation that has been going around on the Internet, ever since its early days.

The first feature that has been brought back is the auto-linked URL that unregistered commenters had been robbed of, when giving feedback or just posting to somebody’s blog. This option was originally taken out, because of the risk that people could impersonate others and create a big confusion by that, to say the very least.

The second option was the Images in the Header page element that would no longer be cropped vertically, removed because of some bloggers that had uploaded oversized images. The reactions to this one were quite strong, comments like "you are now going to annoy 99% of bloggers who WANT the size to adjust to their image and don't want to have to edit their template every time they upload a new header image. Please put it back the way it was. You've fixed a problem when there wasn't a problem at all!! Now you have CREATED a problem!!!", being found all over the support forums.

Happy blogging for the Holidays from Google! You got your wishes come true.

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