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Dell Updates Ubuntu OS to Version 7.10

Written by IT News on 4:07 AM

By: Marius Nestor, Linux Editor ,
Dell announced two months ago, before the final release of Ubuntu 7.10 on 18th October, that they will start working immediately on an updated version for their selected desktop and laptop computers. Last evening, Dell announced the immediate availability of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) on their Inspiron 530N desktop and Inspiron 1420N notebook PCs.

"Dell Inspiron 530N desktop and Inspiron 1420N notebook PCs are now available with Ubuntu 7.10 pre-installed. Possibly in the 'more importantly' category, we are now pre-installing
DVD movie playback all Ubuntu 7.10 systems -- a feature we feel will resonate with … Linux enthusiasts as well as the mainstream consumer market. In fact, one of the key requests from customers interested in Linux is the ability to watch their favorite DVD movies." - says Anne B. Camden, Dell spokesperson.

Ubuntu 7.10 brings new features to all users:

· Cool 3-D visual effects that make your system fun to use;
· An easier desktop search engine to find documents or applications;
· Ability to quickly switch between users and easily share a system with family members;
· Pre-installation of Flash for a better web experience (Dell added this by the way);
· Improved recovery options with a full factory restore from hard drive and the ability to burn the system-specific recovery image to DVD media right from the user's desktop (Dell-developed as well);

If you are one of those who still wonder why did it take a month for Dell to update their systems to Ubuntu 7.10, then the answer is very simple: "With any operating system, we take 'gold' code and take the time to do extensive testing on our systems to make sure that customers have as few issues as possible."

About Ubuntu OS
Ubuntu is one of the world's most popular open source operating systems. Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system that is community developed, updated regularly and offered for free. Designed to be user friendly, the Ubuntu OS comes with built-in software for office productivity (i.e.: word processor, spreadsheets and presentation applications), e-mail, calendar, chat, web browsing, photos, and more.

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