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Free Domain Name Grabber 1.0.3

Written by IT News on 9:24 PM

Have you ever had a great idea for a business or web site, and by the time you checked, the domain name you wanted had been taken the day before? Now, with the flick of your wrist*, you can research your idea and register your domain name as soon as it pops into your head.

Even if this has never happened to you, the Domain Name Grabber is a fast, fun and easy way to research and register internet domain names.

Because wants to make Domain Name Grabber better and even more useful, feature suggestions and constructive criticism are most welcome!

Some features being considered for future versions of Domain Name Grabber are:
· a WHOIS lookup feature to see who owns the domain you want and when it's due to expire
· the ability to see search results in a widget drop-down drawer
· and advanced brainstorming options to find more domain name variations.

If you have another great idea or suggestion, we'd love to hear it! Just leave your idea in a comment below. Also, please take a second to make yourself heard using the poll on the right -- thanks!

Note: You can set your Dashboard to activate by moving your mouse cursor into any corner of your screen within the System Preferences under Personal > Dashboard & Expose.

What do you think?
Do you find this widget useful? Is it missing something? Find a bug? Let them know here. And you can leave your feedback!

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