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The real Iphone killer

Written by IT News on 8:38 PM

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Introducing iPoor
"iPoor is the real iPhone Killer."

Ever wanted to get an iPhone but couldn’t afford it? Tired of all your friends talking about how great the iPhone is? Then do I have just the product for you!

Introducing the iPoor. Another great product by Steve Nojobs, the ceo of iPoor. The iPoor is a breakthrough in the mobile phone world with its revolutionary user interface. Featuring patented multi-touch technology, the Ipoor has 5 large colorful buttons that you can press individually, or together in different combinations. With this interface, your phone book with be eaiser to access then ever before. There are only 4 callings options and all of them are colorful animals.

ha..ha..ha... read more news realted to iPoor here:
Josonified Tech,
Official iPoor website..

ha..ha..ha.. i can't stop laughing

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