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Free GMail Garner tools

Written by IT News on 9:00 PM

GMail Garner is a tool that can help you to save files to your huge GMail space.

GMailGarner treat the space of your GMail account as a network folder. Speed, Safe, Stable, Simple!

Some key features:

  • Support normal file/folder operations. Create/Rename/Delete FolderUpload/Download/Rename/Delete FileDownload whole folderMove files in folders by mouse
  • No limit number of files.
  • No limit file ext.You can store EXE, Dll, ... in it.
  • No limit number of folder hierachies.
  • No limit file sizeGMailGarner will split big file to small parts automatically
  • Compress before transformationGMailGarner will compress file before transforming it. Can reduce 40% trasformation time.
  • Support Native Character in file/folder name· No impact on normal emails

Developer: Larry's Studio License: Freeware Size / OS: 5.52 MB, Windows All Last Updated: December 14th, 2007, 11:12 GMT, download GMailGarner 0.99.2

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