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Online web chat and network communities

Written by IT News on 3:49 AM

Every day I turn on my computer the first thing I always do is checking my inbox and open my chat system. This may be done by million of peoples around the world. It's because people won't to lose any information wherever they stay.

I personally prefer to use chat for communicate with my friends, family and partners while I am out of town. "Chatting" is cheapest communication compare to other communications parties. What you need is only computer and the internet, the rest is usually free.

Recently I've found new Network communities that offering free online web chat, share photos, blog, make friends, find old acquaintances and socialize.

It was Wireclub, Its kind of network communities where you can get together with other people online and chat, Its more then just online chat community, this is new personal connection site on the internet.

The most features I love are the search facility, Its easy to find people with common interests and create Clubs of like minded individuals. Whether you want to meet your next business partner or the love of your life, WireClub facilitates the broadest range of connections possible.

The search criteria is so simple, you can fill one of provided text-box such as member names, gender, age, country or city. It's surprising me, when I try input Jakarta at city field, it immediately give me a list with peoples living in Jakarta, wow it was great!

Once you've found friends, you can open their profiles, their blogs or see their picture on the galley pages and you can add into your friends list, it's more than just a chat programs, its the best and new in friends-network.

If you are so familiar with famous chat client software, then several smiley-code it's also work here, for example when you type ":)" it will show you "smile-face" or ";)" will show you "blinking eyes", off course not all smiley-code work. The picture on the left captured from inside the chat rooms.

It's run faster event it running on the webs and no required to install any software. It's really interesting, the last is I want to tell you that the registration is so simple, only takes a minutes.

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