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Holiday Doodles from all the Search Engines

Written by IT News on 7:53 AM

By: Vlad Constandes, SEO News Editor ,

As usual, the biggest search engines have reached to the public and chosen yet again to lighten up the atmosphere with some very special holiday logos that are displayed on their homepages. The trifecta is the first to make its move and it has chosen to do it all at once: first Google, then Yahoo and

Google has given up dressing its letters in funny or interesting altogether ways, and it went for the booming look of having a person wearing a helmet shoot a ribbon out of a cannon over the logo. Oh, the weight at the other end of the ribbon is another person also wearing a safety helmet, and I guess it’s sort of a no-brainer just why that is.

Enlarge pictureYahoo! has gone for the classical snowman guarding its logo, while some pines or fir trees are bordering it, and everything is happening on a blue, snowy background as you can see on the left. I think I would have expected more from Yahoo!, the doodle doesn’t really look like it’s finished and it has a pretty low quality. But hey, it’s the Holidays and let’s all be happy and sing festive songs. That’s not what really matters.

Enlarge pictureMy favorite search engine, when it comes to holidays, has got to be, which always brings something more like a background rather than a doodle and, this year, I think that they have outdone themselves. Many blue, some white and a single red bauble lying in artificial snow, while some snowflakes most artistically drawn really make the difference. I’d say that, out of the three, this is the best realized.

It’s a pleasure to just slip into my comfy chair and just circle through the three homepages. Makes me feel relaxed and winds me down. Eh, let the Holidays come… I’m ready for them.

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  1. 1 comments: Responses to “ Holiday Doodles from all the Search Engines ”

  2. By Anonymous on December 21, 2007 at 2:28 PM

    The Ask homepage is BEAUTIFUL on so many levels. Great work!

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