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I Have Just Won 800,000 Pounds

Written by IT News on 4:39 AM

By: Bogdan Popa, Security and Search Engines Editor |

Yep, you've heard it correctly, I have just won 800,000 pounds at the UK lottery. You're probably curious why I'm so bored and what's the reason for not being excited about the amazing prize. Well, because it is only a stupid SPAM message that came into my inbox! I've seen too many of these in the past, so there's not something new.

But as far I can see,
it may be a new spam campaign targeting the Gmail accounts, because the message came into my Google account and managed to reach the inbox. Titled "Winning Notification", the message sent from a Hotmail account has all the characteristics of a spam message.

First of all, I never play at lottery. And don't ask me why, because the best answer would be probably "just because...". So, I can't have won such a prize. Secondly, there are too many typos and grammar mistakes in the email body that made me laugh when I first read it.

"We are pleased to inform you of the release of 26th Novermber 2007. result of the Mulit National Internet Lottery Int.promotion programs conducted in united kingdom . Your name attached to the ticket number 033-20737-750 with serial number 033-05 drew the lucky number which consequently won lottery in the 2nd category", the first paragraph of the email reads. "You are therefore been approved for a lump sum of £800,000.00", it continues...

The interesting fact is that it also contains pictures with past winners of the lottery, which are attached at the end of the email. In addition, it comes with a scanned signature, probably as an attempt to trick me in believing the email is not a fake.

So, what do I have to do to claim the prize? "To begin your claim, please contact your claim agent FIRM :MR SHANAH OF SHANAH AGENCY & CONSULTING(PTY) UNITED KINGDOM TEL.NUMBER +44 7x3 1x89x4x7 ."

Nice Christmas prank. Report Spam!

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