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Parents Worried About Pornographic Websites

Written by IT News on 3:04 AM

The children's online security has always been a problem, even if their computers were protected with all sorts of software solutions. And nobody can guarantee 100
percent that the kids are secure, since dangerous websites appear every day and new threats rise up every hour. But even so, the parents are not able to monitor their children's online activity, a recent survey conducted by revealed, according to Web User News. "No less than 46 percent of the parents avoid checking the websites visited by the kids while only 21 percent installed software technologies to monitor the activity," the same source continued.

With continuously growing up social networking solutions, children must be protected because the threats are all around these websites. Not only can they be exposed to all sorts of dangers, but this kind of webpages connect people from all over the world.

Some time ago, the authorities discovered thousands of sex offenders who created accounts on MySpace and on Facebook to find teenagers and to demand from them explicit photos and adult material. Moreover, some of them attempted to meet the young users which is pretty dangerous since they usually provide false information and pictures.

"The results show parents are aware they need to monitor how their child is using the Internet but could do more. I would suggest setting rules and expecting children to obey them, especially teenagers, is not enough. At the very least the computer should be in a communal area. However, putting parental control software on your home computer, such as Net Nanny or WebBlocker would offer more security as well as give parents extra peace of mind that their child is safe when surfing the net," Rob Barnes, head of mobiles and broadband at said, according to Web User News.

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