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Feeder 1.4.10

Written by IT News on 10:21 AM

Feeder is an application for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds on Mac OS X. Whether it's a news feed for your site or a podcast, Feeder makes it simple.

Create new feeds from scratch, import or link to existing feed files or download from the web. Feeder supports the full RSS 2.0 specification, including uploadable enclosures for podcasting.

However, not everyone needs every feature of RSS. Feeder can hide unnecessary fields, to help you focus on what matters.

Feeder provides auto-complete and customizable templates to save repetitive typing and automatically update publication dates. Feed content can be rich with images, links and formatting; Feeder's editing features help you add these with ease.

Feeder validates your feed to the RSS 2.0 specification and generates an HTML preview so you can see how your news items might look in a newsreader, check links and images and proofread text. When your feed is ready, Feeder can publish using FTP, SFTP or Mac.

Feeder has everything you need to create and publish podcasts, including full support for the iTunes Podcasting Extensions. Drag and drop media files to add enclosures, Feeder can automatically tag and add artwork all popular podcast file types including MP3s, M4As, M4Vs and QuickTime movies. Check how your podcast will look in the iTunes Store with Feeder's iTunes Preview.


  • 1024 x 768 pixels or better display with QuickTime 7.0 - 7.1.x
  • Web space accessible via FTP, SFTP or .Mac to publishInternet connection to register.

15 days trial

Created by Reinvented SoftwareLicense: Trial Download Feeder 1.4.10

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