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Change management and organizational design

Written by IT News on 5:08 AM

Liebowitz & Associates has been servicing the business and corporate community for over twenty-five years. Their associates are all senior-level highly experienced consultants located in Chicago, Boston and Germany.

Businesses without a solid foundation cannot or do not repair the “cracks” that companies inevitably develop as they grow. If the “cracks” remain ignored, they sooner or later cause the business’s foundation to crumble. The goal is to become your partner in

repairing these “cracks”.

  • Organizational design: how you change the structure of your company to best accommodate your customers and clients.
  • Change management: how you go about transforming your company so that it can keep up with the volatility of the business environment.
  • Performance management: how do you make sure that employees are on board and heading in the same direction.
They Don't apply the latest management fads to your business—only practical and time-tested methods, proven to deliver real-world results.

The Importance of a Solid FoundationCorporation Puzzle
Companies of Excellence build on a solid foundation. The foundations of business are:
  • Strategy - where is our business going?
  • Structure - how do we organize ourselves to get there?
  • Culture - what work environment will take us there?
  • Management - who will lead us there?
To learn more on the importance of a solid foundation click here

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