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New Barracuda drives offer lower-power storage solution

Written by IT News on 9:35 PM

In a market where the Flash-based Solid State Drives record a growing popularity, Seagate Technology, one of the world's leading suppliers of storage solutions, has announced its latest Barracuda hard drives, promising a greater storage capacity at lower power package. Just copied Barracuda LP, the new device is said to provide up to 50 percent greater energy efficiency, more than ordinary hard drives. According to Seagate the new stations, which are already shipping, are designed to provide the best energy-efficiency and performance in its class.

"Increased demand for energy-efficient computer systems is not only a data phenomenon, as more builders of external storage devices, computers and home networks to provide customers with products that combine energy efficiency with good performance," says Joan mots Inger, Seagate vice president of Personal Systems Marketing and Strategy . "Seagate is pleased to provide a new low-power product line in our family as Barracuda system builders and end users both to achieve a higher degree of environmental friendliness, while the costs."

Seagate Barracuda new line LP (Low Power) hard drives are designed in a 3.5-inch format and are available in capacity of 2TB, 1TB and 1.5TB. One of the main features of the new stations, the speed in which their place Tersmeden spin, namely 5900RPM, which is probably not available at other competing stations. According to Seagate 5900RPM rotational speed is supplied as a balance between performance and energy savings, so that customers can take advantage of so many worthy 2TB of storage in a low-power station.

Seagate new device offers a good alternative to some of these storage devices, including external PC storage, and several station home SOHO systems. Thanks to the low energy consumption, users will benefit from a less energy-hungry and will not be required to install high-performance fans to systems of internal temperature to a minimum. Unfortunately, Seagate has not released any details about the pricing of the new stations.

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