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Windows Mobile 7 surfaces in a video from Microsoft

Written by IT News on 4:26 AM

Windows Mobile 7It appears that Microsoft has recently introduced a video of a yet unreleased version of the Windows Mobile operating system. Presumably, the video that we have to mention that Microsoft's strategy under the heading "Software + Services", shows the user interface of the platform and the Windows Start-centered flag can be seen suggests that we look at Windows Mobile 7 OS.

Although the Windows Mobile platform, can be seen in the video is not yet on the market, it has been used for mobile phones, is already known to the public. And this is the HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch HD and T-Mobile Dash. The three phones are also reports that Microsoft's development tools, especially for the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, but it seems that the company has with them as a test of WM-7. The video also shows one quarter the phone runs on Windows Mobile 7, XPERIA X1.

The chat software used in the video is one of the key features of next generation mobile platform. Moreover, the media in the platform is very similar to the previously discovered that in some of the Windows Mobile 7 screenshots available in the wild recently. The twist interface on top of the screen, one would think, if WinMo 7 Zune interface recently discovered.

A new thing that the movie seems to show is the standard Windows Mobile interface. And while the pictures to see the current Windows Mobile hardware designs could only models, it is very interesting to see what Microsoft is preparing to users as soon as next year. Take a look at the video, which shows and see what is new in the upcoming mobile platform.

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