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Micron validates DDR3 memory for Intel Nehalem Xeon processors

Written by IT News on 1:58 AM

Intel's highly anticipated launch of next-generation Nehalem-based Xeon 5500-series processors, a system supplier for the delivery of its latest offerings, powered by Intel's latest data. But the benefits of a high-performance server systems, users need the best and most reliable hardware solutions, including storage and warehousing. On the server's memory, Micron is a trademark as recognizable as the company continues to develop new solutions that enable higher performance. In this sense, Micron has recently announced that its collection of DDR3 memory, the server has been validated for the latest Intel Xeon processors.

"The industry has already adopted the deposition of DDR3 adoption, and we are the target for the transition to take place this year, says Michael Sporer, Director of Marketing for Micron Enterprise segment." An important catalyst in this transition is the introduction of the Intel Xeon processor platform, our server OEM customers with the ability to design an integrated, high-performance storage architecture. "

The company can now Nehalem Xeon-validated DDR3 memory modules come in 1, 2, 4 and 8-gigabyte at a rate of 1066 Mbit / s and 1333 Mbit / s. In addition, Micron also announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lexar Media also has validated its decision mark DDR3 modules are now ready for use within Xeon powered server.

"Intel Xeon processor 5500 series is the most important architectural leap second since the Pentium Pro processor has almost 15 years," said Ali Sarabi, director, industry initiatives and path finding, Intel Corporation. "Micron and major suppliers are the key to memory and ecosystems, their products approved on Intel Xeon Processor 5500-series will be an important contribution for the DDR3 ramp on the market. "

Unlike Intel's latest generation of Xeon processors, the new solutions that have been developed to the memory controller on board, a feature that allows the system to improve performance through better communication between the processor and memory. These server systems are used in the growing market for cloud computing, including multiple operating systems on a computer that is sharing all resources.

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