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AMD partners can make HD 4890X2 graphics cards

Written by IT News on 4:11 AM

Earlier this month, the Sunnyvale, California based Advanced Micro Devices would clarify the current rumors that computer enthusiasts will face another high-end graphics accelerator, coming in the person of Radeon HD 4890 X2. In accordance with the chip Maker, the need for such a card is not immediately justified, especially given the current market opportunities of HD 4870 X2. However, at present it seems that you can actually see the new X2 card sooner rather than later. New maps will be based on the AMD GPU last year, RV790 and will be commercially available as the Radeon HD 4890 X2.

In a recent video interview with Sasha Marinkovic, AMD product manager for consumer platforms, the fellows over at PC Games equipment to learn that AMD in AIB partners will have the opportunity to make their own Radeon HD 4890X2. In support of such a card is an already available, thanks to 8 +6 configuration of power that differs from the current reference boards. But this does not mean that AMD will begin reference card version says only that its AIB partners have the opportunity to distinguish themselves in the issuance of a new elitist card.

Currently, the biggest competitor for a possible HD 4890 X2 is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 and a double GT200b a card that was issued earlier this year. Nevertheless, the card could soon see hefty competition with Radeon HD 4890X2 part, especially since the message is that the partners could release a dual 1 GHz maps, in combination with the 2GB and 4 GB of memory GDDR5. According to a recent article about, these cards can be the hungriest of power in the market.

Despite the large number of rumors about the HD 4890X2, we cannot say exactly where and when this card will be released. However, if rumors are anything close to reality, NVIDIA, perhaps, just something to worry about again.

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