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Tegra-powered HP Mini netbook

Written by IT News on 12:55 AM

HP Mini netbookNVIDIA is showing an HP 1000 Mini-PC at CTIA, with one of its highest-mediated Tegra processors specially designed to provide the necessary computing power for smartphones and mobile Internet devices. Although it did not result in direct cooperation with HP to develop a Tegra-powered Mini Netbook, they wanted to overcome the many factors that may cause
used to determine the computing power of the Tegra chip.

Scholars over at Engadget have been in place and have pictures and a video on Tegra-powered Mini, which offers you a better understanding of what such a device is capable of. But before you hope that Tegra is an ARM-based chip, which means that there is no unit that is designed to ensure that the benefits of the performance potential offered familiar with a Windows XP or Vista operating systems. This was the case in Tegra-based Mini 1000 Netbook.

Unlike other NVIDIA Tegra powered devices have demonstrated the Mini is connected with HDMI connection and give users a better solution, in comparison with most mids, which in the past. The system was developed by a Windows CE operating system and can play YouTube videos and surf the Web just as you'd expect from a MID processor.

There is still some confusion about whether we ever get a Netbook powered by NVIDIA Tegra, or even a device that offered with a larger display. But it is nice to see that NVIDIA has a fully functional solution, which is probably the market to revolutionize the computers as we know it today. Even Tegra-powered Netbook could be a reliable alternative to all Intel-based Netbook, known for the lack of graphics performance.

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