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OCZ unveils new XMP-rated SODIMMs

Written by IT News on 1:56 AM

The pace of technology grows, the computer system supplier to the user with some of the most powerful laptops on the market. These machines are equipped with the latest hardware technologies, including Intel ® Core ™ 2 Extreme mobile processors and advanced memory modules such as OCZ reboot XPM certified SODIMM. These new modules have been specially developed for Intel Extreme Memory Profiles, computer fans to enjoy the latest notebook computers solutions.

"XMP is crucial for the outcome, what is it for 3D gaming, and the introduction of profiles, allowing on-the-go enthusiasts who most of its mobile Intel platforms," said Dr. Michael Schuette, vice president of technology development at OCZ Technology. " As a result of our collaboration with Intel from the beginning of mobile XMP concepts, we are now releasing High Performance 2GB SODIMM a compromise solution to complement Intel's mobile computing platform for maximum benefit. "

The first of society XPM SODIMM memory solutions in the form of new CZ DDR3 PC3-8500 4GB kits and 2GB single modules. These are designed to work with 1066MHz CL 6-6-6 latencies, and are compatible with Intel Core 2 Extreme processor family and the Centrino 2 platform. The latest solutions from OCZ makes computer enthusiasts, with an option to upgrade their portable gaming rig, which boosts the overall performance of the system.

OCZ, the new 204-pin SODIMM is fitted with Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP), an exclusive set of SPD (Serial Presence Detect) settings so that a quick solution to upgrade high-end systems. It assesses the work at 1.6 volts and has a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, the memory manufacturer has no information on the pricing of the new XPM SODIMM memory.

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