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AMD FireGL V8650 used for 3D workflow optimization

Written by IT News on 3:39 AM

Sunnyvale, California-based Advanced Micro Devices and StudioGPU, a pioneer in the field of real-time 3D CG workflow solutions, recently announced a partnership that aims to provide the industry with an optimized hardware and software solution is delivering real - time 3D workflow advantages. In addition, as part of an agreement between two companies, customers will have the opportunity to buy a Mach Studio Pro and ATI FireGL V8650 3D graphics accelerator as part of a package available
directly from StudioGPU.

"AMD is the only company able to use the combined processing of the CPU and GPUs to deliver superior workstation-class solutions. Our new technology StudioGPU shows our joint commitment to deliver technology optimizes the speed and effectiveness in creating high-quality images for everything from animation, film effects and game development of architecture and design, "said Dirk Meyer, AMD President and CEO." The performance reserve workstation is a great business opportunity for AMD and our customers, and together with StudioGPU we strive to find solutions on the market that provides superior value, but cost-conscious production and technology budgets."

Hardware and software that the companies will work to exploit the performance of your PC with the graphics processor (GPU) are contrast to a CPU-based product. The StudioGPU, artists and TDS will benefit from AMD's workstation GPUs in a simple, real-time lighting, content and composition change, but their artistic vision.

The partnership between the two companies extends to a new package that will be available from StudioGPU combines ATI FireGL V8650 graphics card with Mach Studio Pro software, designed by StudioGPU. This package will allow customers to take advantage of increased performance, including the ability to continue in the projects they work on time.

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