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EVGA GeForce GTX 275 with 1792MB GDDR3 memory

Written by IT News on 1:19 AM

EVGA, and most of the other NVIDIA board partners, has recently updated its GeForce graphics cards with the introduction of the new GeForce GTX 275-based graphics accelerators based on the latest NVIDIA GT200 series GPU. With the launch, EVGA has implemented two versions of the tab as it does with all cards based on NVIDIA. "As part of its renewed range GeForce, EVGA has rolled a reference design card, but also a version that was equipped with 1792MB of 448-bit DDR3 memory. In addition, according to the information that has come recently in the Internet, EVGA will also provide their fans with at least a factory overclocked GTX 275.

The new EVGA cards were designed to provide computer game enthusiasts and higher performance alternative to the latest 55nm NVIDIA GT200 series GPU. Both cards, which currently exist on the website of the company were put to work as a clock speed reference 633, 1404 and 2268MHz for the GPU, Shader and memory respectively. Both cards use dual slot cooling solution which appears on the NVIDIA reference design and is equipped with support for NVIDIA cuda, PhysX, and 3-way SLI technology.

But the two, that the version which is equipped with 1792MB of DDR3 memory is likely that in the end, the choice of all those who love the game, because it can give a performance boost that cannot be achieved by Overclocked card.

In addition to these two cards, EVGA is expected to announce their factory-overclocked GTX 275 models, at least one of which has already been introduced for pre-order on the site of a retailer based in the UK. The EVGA GeForce GTX 275 Superclocked comes with 896MB memory, and seems to have adopted the same design as the traditional version. But we are sure that the specifications listed are not real, especially since we are dealing with an Overclocked card.

Price wise, the EVGA GeForce GTX 275 is available for $ 249.99, while the version equipped 1792MB recommended for U.S. $299.99. The Superclocked version is listed at £ 275.99, equivalent to approximately USD408.

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