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Samsung SSDs now provide self-encrypting technology

Written by IT News on 10:57 PM

Samsung SSDsSamsung SSD division recently announced that it has been the first self-propelled coded Solid State Drives, as part of collaboration between Samsung Electronics and Wave Systems. The new units are designed for professionals with a reliable solution for digital content, both safety and good performance in one package. They are available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB and have been selected by PC suppliers Dell as an optional upgrade to their portable computer systems.

"Samsung has combined the enormous performance of solid state technology with an integrated hardware encryption devices specially designed for todays" road warrior "professional," said Jim Elliott, Vice President Memory, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "Business users now have the best performance and security in a single channel.”

Samsung's new Flash-based own encrypt the disk drives are designed to take advantage of the security features enabled by Trusted Computing Group (TCG) 128-bit encryption. This solution uses hardware-based encryption and faster performance compared to currently available software-based encryption. This Full Disk Encryption (FDE) is said to be safe and easy to handle, with the help of the accompanying Wave Embassy software.

The advantages of FDE even faster performance, better security and an "always on" function. Better security is justified because the access is available on the disc itself, and not the operating system or other software-based solution. Moreover, thanks to the implementation of the FDE technology at Samsung's SSDs, users benefit from faster boot-up speed, start-up, longer battery life and generally a quiet computing experience.

Samsung's new SSDs combine performance and security in a single package is available as an option for Dell laptops with 256GB, 128GB and 64GB capacities. Unfortunately, Samsung has not revealed any specific information about the stations pricing.

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