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Intel makes room for new Nehalem Xeon CPUs by phasing out old models

Written by IT News on 8:00 PM

Santa Clara, California-based Intel, the world's leading processor manufacturer, has officially announced that the highly anticipated Nehalem-EP-Xeon processors and deliver a new level of performance for servers and workstations market. After the official introduction of the new Xeon 5500-series Xeon processors, Intel has recently released a Product Change Notification to their partners, informing them that the intention is to expand its product portfolio by phasing out some of their older models, including some York Field and Conroe areas.

According to the company Product Change Notification, customers should send their orders for the latest 45nm York-based Field X3350 and X3320 and 65nm Conroe-based Xeon 3085, 3075 and the 3065th All these Xeon processors with a Front Side Bus of 1333MHz, and is based on Intel's latest generation of Core 2 Xeon processors. But, the world's leading supplier of course processing company plans to make room for the new processor architecture and its forthcoming Xeon server CPU.

As part of the technical specifications, it is York Field on Intel's 45nm chip technology and is equipped with a TDP level Featured 95Watts. The X3350 model has 12 MB of L2 cache and 2.66GHz clock frequency, while the X3320 with a speed of 2.5 GHz core and 6MB of L2 cache. The second 65nm Conroe-based Offered is in line with a TDP of 65 watts and 4 MB L2 cache. What affects the speed, the Xeon 3085, 3075 and 3065 the clock at 3 GHz is 2.66 to 2.33 GHz, respectively.

Intel's customers have been notified of their final orders for these chips before October 9, while the last day of the ship is not provided Xeon to January 9, 2010. Until then, Intel will probably be some new Xeon processors that use the computing power of Nehalem micro-architecture.

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  1. 1 comments: Responses to “ Intel makes room for new Nehalem Xeon CPUs by phasing out old models ”

  2. By Daniel Johnson on April 17, 2009 at 4:29 AM

    Intel phasing out the older models, and replacing them with Nehalem is a great idea. Because the advantages provided by the Nehalem processors are overwhelming.

    While the previous one Penryn was a die shrink of an existing architecture, Nehalem is a brand new architecture built on the same 45nm process as Penryn.

    Though Nehalem is a new architecture, it is still built on the same 45nm process that debuted with Penryn, it provides a high performance and an excellent power usage which is 30% lesser than the former.

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