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Yahoo's upcoming ad campaign will focus on its strength as online portal

Written by IT News on 7:29 PM

Yahoo has to innovate its services and image for several months, since Carol Bartz took over as CEO, not to mention an endless series of closures and a new website design, do not do it again, much of the discussion. But now the company will apparently launch a major advertising effort, ramp up through the third and fourth quarter and next year. The campaign will be presenting at this year's Advertising week, starting September 22 in New York, have found AllthingsD.

The campaign will focus on the key strength of Yahoo, which it considers that its size and market share, in the hope that advertisers believe that this, too. There are not many details about the direction of the campaign, but the overall idea is that Yahoo is the only source for online content, is "home network" in the company touting in recent months. If more people begin to believe it and sees it as such, then perhaps more likely to advertisers to buy ads on Yahoo's extensive list of online properties.

Despite its problems, both with shareholders, and to some extent revenue, Yahoo is still a major power on the Internet and attracts enough traffic to compete with the big online players, Google, Microsoft and, more recently, Facebook. Her image has hovered in recent years, however, and it never quite matched Google at any time, so a big focus will be on strengthening its brand.

It is not only increasing its advertising efforts, because Microsoft has reportedly close to 100 million U.S. sums have been spent promoting his new Bing search engine and can spend more if they updated Bing 2.0, where the details are still scarce launches. Even Google had to dig into their pockets and bring in some good, old-fashioned advertising, including a billboard campaign for Google Apps suite for businesses.

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