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Netgear rolls out Stora NAS for home users

Written by IT News on 11:27 PM

If storage solutions become more affordable, consumers will have the market full of products aimed at home users looking for a way to their most important digital files to save. Thus, the NETGEAR today the launch of its new product Great, a Network Attached Storage device that is specifically designed to allow consumers to easily store their photos, music, movies and other digital files, which can also be shared on the network announced with friends and family through an intuitive graphical user interface.

"We have a strong feeling that Great example of next-generation consumer storage products," said Drew Meyer, director of marketing for Cisco's Network Storage Business Unit. "Cisco has already been in the business and prosumer market with our LinkStation line, but Major is definitely a platform for all. Great give users the functionality they need today with a consumer-friendly user interface and the price level, the media available to them and their designated friends and family at any time, anywhere - even on smart phones. It really gives a new bar for consumer network storage market. "

Designed as a home media server, the Cisco Large is equipped with two SATA channels and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, while a USB 2.0 port enables external storage solutions that address future expansion. The unit also has 256MB of built-in flash memory for operating system and support for RAID-1 configurations, such as Windows, Mac and Linux / UNIX clients.

It measures 150 x 175.25 x 146 mm and weighs 1.36 kg without the SATA hard drive. Provides the user with an option to store, share and protect their music, movies, pictures and other data files, it appears that new Netgear Large a choice for those looking for a convenient storage product. In addition, the device also integrates with Facebook, iTunes, Flickr and 2 web-phones, all in one product at a price of U.S. $ 229 has.

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