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Google settled a trademark dispute in the UK involving the Gmail name

Written by IT News on 11:39 PM

Since launched Gmail has been one of the most popular Google products and mail service is one of the three best in the world today. Unless you live in Britain, in which case Google Mail is one of the most popular Google products today. Although the Gmail name in other parts of the world, which is a rarity for Google, which took most of their products in accordance with their use, Google Maps, Google Books, etc., changed its name to the British market after a mark
dispute with a local company. But the dispute is resolved and the UK, users are beginning to see the Gmail logo and name.

"We have reached an agreement and once again able addresses in the UK. The product name will change the British mailboxes in the coming months. It will not change the experience of Gmail users and is the same features that Gmail offers," Google told the Financial Times in response to the logo change spotted by a number of users.

Google has changed its name in 2005, after the British research firm Independent International Investment Research (IIIR) claimed that it had trademark "G-mail" name. Although not strictly comparable, the company believes that it was close enough that customers could confuse the two. When Google refused to pay the amount claimed by the IIIR and went to the change of name and labeling of the product into Gmail. The company had to take similar actions in Germany after a court ruling against another in a trademark dispute.

Interestingly, Google in fact an agreement with IIIR in July 2008 reached £ 226,324 they paid for the name, but for some reason it took the company 15 months in which to begin making the changes and now it will be several months to complete the rebranding process to complete. The first change noted by users is the new British Gmail logo, will soon be others, but they can already email addresses

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