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The new Yahoo Messenger 10 beta comes with better quality video calls

Written by IT News on 3:02 AM

Yahoo Despite all caught in a major advertising campaign for its brand and core properties, solidification at the end of the day, it becomes increasingly down into concrete products, so nice to see someone who actually works for Yahoo. If Yahoo Messenger 10 is closer to launching a new beta version messenger, has been released, fixing some bugs but also fuss some features especially the new one-on-one video calls on.

"The latest version is no fault of video calls, plus some improvements in the reports on how it works," Sarah Bacon, Product Manager, said. As usual, Yahoo users to their views and comments about the new beta version. "We hope everyone enjoys Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta. Feedback, good or bad, which must be submitted through our feedback form available under the Help> Send Feedback on the product."

How it's one of the main features of the upcoming Yahoo Messenger 10, the video call functionality focus in this update. But there is not much use for video calls if your webcam is not working, there is, so Yahoo fixed number of points where the webcam is not detected even works well in Yahoo Messenger 9, or other chat programs, and most problems of this nature should be resolved.

The other changes are aimed at the users' experience and are not necessarily new features or improvements. One issue that emerged early on was the fact that users were not aware that both participants in a conversation must have a 10-Messenger video calls have. When talking with friends are using older versions of the video call button was gray, causing great confusion among users, as Yahoo hopes to alleviate by adding an inline message to explain why it is off.

Similarly, users are informed of missed calls, which were formerly Messenger alone drop the call after 20 seconds without an explicit explanation for the user. A similar message is added to notify users when the video call has degraded. If video calls require a permanent internet connection, if the network conditions make it difficult for video calls, relegated to only a voice call. Users are not sure why this happened, so an inline message Yahoo added behavior.

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