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AMD submits GPU OpenCL implementation for certification

Written by IT News on 11:33 PM

Just a few days until the release rumors of AMD's next generation DirectX 11-compatible graphics processors, in Sunnyvale, California-based chip maker announced today that its OpenCL GPU implementation for the certification of Khronos Working Group. The chip maker, give it its products closer to support OpenCL, where both the GPU and the central processing unit (CPU), and thus help developers optimize their applications to the resources of both GPU and CPU to use for an effective balance of the workload.

"The dynamics of OpenCL AMD and ATI Stream technical implementation builds throughout the year, with an increasing number of software and hardware vendors join Intel to support an open standard," said Ben Bar-Haim, Vice President of Intel software development. "The filing of a candidate GPU conformity bodies means that we are encouraging software developers to take full advantage of the processing capacity of both our multi-core processors and graphics processors for us to create more compelling user experience. "

According to AMD, the certification of new performance GPU that it may only semiconductor supplier that will support OpenCL both GPU and CPU. The support will be enabled by the upcoming ATI Stream SDK v2.0 for both GPU and CPU, expected later this year released the full version. In addition, AMD also announced that the migration of the SourceForge project Brook +, a measure that the developer will provide an online community site where developers can control and manage open source to work with and develop the Brook + code had been completed.

The chip maker also announced that the long-awaited Radeon family of DirectX 11-compatible graphics processors was expected that the first to support expedited processing on the GPU, using the Direct Compute technology.

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