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There are now five outside companies selling in Facebook's Gift Shop

Written by IT News on 3:56 AM

Facebook is great - with over 300 million users, is one of the largest websites in the world - but it will still only a "modest" $ 500 million per year (an estimate) and has just the actual achievement of profitability. The social network was the kind of financial resources so that they are not difficult to generate revenue and they also decided to emphasize the ads in favor of other revenue sources. A potential employee is the Facebook gift shop, which has recently begun to allow a third party to sell its products and has added three partners on the short list over the weekend.

Third-party program, published more than a month ago with only four companies, American Greetings, Real Gifts, Greet Beatz and any cards, as well as the original partners. But the latter two with JibJab only recently begun to actually sell their products in the store. Facebook also announced a few weeks back that the various charities and organizations as partners in the virtual store would contain.

Facebook is developing its retail store for a while now and, along with several other technologies such as Facebook Connect and Apps platform, again and again, one of the most important parts of the company and perhaps the most profitable. So far the only store that sells virtual gifts for use within Facebook. The deal comes with its own currency, Facebook Credits, and presents the most cost-effective 10 points equal $ 1.

Now social network expands its suppliers and others to store the test phase also appears to be near an end. While only a few foreign firms have a much more open in the short term future, so almost anyone to effectively sell online as its Apps platform. The interesting thing is that it all started with real products, not just virtual goods, a trend bound to continue to take. And by using Facebook Connect can store only become one of the largest online market at any time.

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