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NVIDIA works with Microsoft on promoting Tesla for high-performance computing

Written by IT News on 10:15 PM

NVIDIA has just announced that she has worked with the Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft to promote Tesla GPUs as solutions for high performance parallel computing using Microsoft's Windows HPC Server 2008 operating system.

"The coupling of processors and GPU illustrates the enormous power and opportunities for collaboration multicore processing," said Dan Reed, Corporate Vice President of Extreme Computing at Microsoft. "NVIDIA's work with Microsoft Windows HPC Server and the platform will help scientists and researchers in many fields achieve supercomputer performance on different applications. "

As part of cooperation between the two high-profile companies have developed multiple NVIDIA GPU-based applications that are optimized to work with Windows HPC Server 2008 platform, including ray tracing program that can be used as a tool for advanced photo-realistic modeling of cars.

"The scientific community was one of the first potential of the GPU to realize its spring into action, in accordance with the speedup from 20 to 200 times while using a range of compute-intensive applications," said Andy Keane, general manager for NVIDIA Tesla activities. "Researchers are increasingly use Windows at work and in data centers because of the strong development of tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, how easy the system and lower total cost of ownership.

Joint efforts by the two companies have been able to benefit developers of high-performance NVIDIA graphics processors to take the famous and the chip maker CUDA architecture. According to NVIDIA, these technologies are introduced in a number of enterprise applications, including data mining, machine learning and business intelligence, and scientific applications such as molecular dynamics, financial data and seismic processing.

According to the company, the Tesla GPU high-performance computing products for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista support in the workstation space, while in the data center segment of the GPU support for Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

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