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Windows 7 to be fully featured on netbooks

Written by IT News on 10:09 PM

Microsoft is preparing a surprise for all fans netbook holding back on buying a new small, ultra-portable computer system before the arrival of long-awaited operating system. According to recent data on the Internet, Redmond, Washington-based software giant to OEMs for each new version of its operating system at the upcoming netbook systems, thus eliminating any fears that the netbook space will be left with a stripped down version of the estimated operational
systems. In addition, the software company confirmed that the three application limit was originally planned for Windows 7 Starter was no longer valid.

According to a recent news article on the CPUs, the software giant to its customers and OEM partners feature their upcoming netbook computer with a version of Windows 7 operating system, much appreciated. This allows users to take advantage of the many features built into the new operating system, a cheaper and more portable device, compared with many full-featured laptops.

"ODMs and OEMs are able to install any version of Windows on a netbook," said a spokesman for Microsoft Netherlands, according to the above article. "[But] is a post-prototype version and is not a lot of consumer or corporate events. The three application limit is gone. "

What happens if you start Microsoft Windows question, this version of the operating system only on 32bit, and will miss the features that Aero Glass, Aero taskbar previews and Peak. Designed for emerging markets, will not the OS desktop personalization, there is now Fast User Switching, support for multiple monitors configurations, DVD playback or Windows XP mode. Moreover, it seems that Microsoft is not the Starter Edition will be available in Europe, U.S. and other established markets.

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