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ASUS Eee PC 1201n NVIDIA ION-based netbook

Written by IT News on 11:37 PM

ASUS planning the introduction of an NVIDIA-ion-based system, which will be included in the extensive sector of Eee PC netbooks. The ION-infused Eee PC 1201n model has recently appeared on the website for an Asian e-retailers, which could mean that the Taiwanese company is approaching for the unveiling of the product to their customers abroad.

Sa netbook has already appeared on the Internet, thanks to the details of the Eee PC roadmap for the company, which is made available in late August. The 12.1-inch machine that is launched along with new versions of its netbooks Eee PC 1005HA slimline, customers who opt for an ultra-portable Windows-based PC-7 system.

Unlike the majority of Eee PC systems, or the majority of netbooks so far launched, the new model 1201n customers with a larger 12-inch screen, which places it somewhere between netbooks and ultraportable, Culver-based notebooks. The system is expected to pair an Intel Atom N270 processor with ION NVIDIA 9400 graphics chipset and 2GB of RAM. It also supports higher screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, while the storage is pumped up to 250 GB on a low-performance 5400 RPM hard drive. Other than that, netbook offers the usual array of connectivity options and interface.

Expected to be officially announced in the autumn, the Eee PC 1201n running on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, which could mean that there can ever be created around the release date for the long-awaited OS. Unfortunately we have no details on pricing and availability of the system, at present, but the netbook will probably start soon.

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