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No visas? No problem. No jobs.

Written by IT News on 9:53 PM

Today’s Microsoft announcement of moving some R&D from Redmond to a new center in Vancouver, British Columbia heralds the first wave of corporate reaction to the failure of immigration ‘reform.’ The quote from Redmond’s representative is about as subtle as a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster:

The company said the new location will “allow the company to continue to recruit and retain highly skilled people affected by the immigration issues in the U. S.”

Reinforcement came from Big Blue via the Grey Lady, in which IBM explained to the New York Times they would still need some employees stateside, but moving programming work offshore seems to work just dandy.

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished. Articles have appeared explaining that India information workers are becoming too expensive, with both the Wall Street Journal and Infoworld sending messages just as unsubtle as the Microsoft missive above. Nobody’s jobs are safe if quarterly earnings could be adjusted by a penny, it seems.

Let’s not forget about the genesis of all these stories placed by corporate PR flacks into the MSM. You have seen the video of the attorney explaining how his firm can show Mister Employer how to break immigration law and not get caught, when hiring overseas and avoiding qualified Americans, right? That “A” list material had to, at least in some small way, have been responsible for the Congress’ cooling off on immigration reform, and for scuttling the Real ID provisions buried within it. Thank you, Mister Lawyer; for once, Greed Was Good.

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