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Google spreadsheet and Docs is a great idea

Written by IT News on 10:41 PM

According on my first used of Google spreadsheet and documents (beta version) it is clever idea, google know wht people looking for. It's easy to use, fast enough for web based application. Ofcourse to access the Google speadsheet and documents you should have a google account (blogger account is working). On my first look, its nothing different with his mother (mean MS Office.. ).

  • People don't need to learn much when start using this. Who will benefit from this briliant idea?
  • People on work that need to share their documents with their collegues, partners, branches or just share with their family.
  • People that don't have or don't want to buy office licensed from Microsoft (pirate) People that don't want to use oppenoffice Any one that love to share their documents This is realy great idea, in my country not all people have enough budget to buy microsoft office.

I personaly appreaciate on wht geoogle do. How a great and smart idea it this?

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