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Grisoft Introduces AVG Free for Linux Virus Protection

Written by IT News on 11:45 PM

Millburn, NJ, January 9, 2006 - Grisoft, Inc., maker of the award-winning AVG Anti-Virus software used by millions of users, has introduced a new free version of its software specifically for the Linux desktop.

AVG Free for Linux is the first commercial-grade antivirus product developed for free home use, providing maximum virus protection for single Linux computers. Peter Lipa, President of Grisoft, Inc, made the announcement.

"With its growing popularity, it is only a matter of time before the Linux operating system becomes more widely targeted by virus and malware writers," said Lipa. "Grisoft is at the forefront to support Linux OS and provide all Linux users with every possible precaution to reduce the risk of viruses."

AVG Free for Linux is a natural progression of Grisoft's commitment to security and a natural evolution of its product line, according to Lipa. "It brings together AVG Free, our product designed for free home use by individual users, and AVG for Linux, our commercial product designed to protect Linux servers in a enterprise environment."

Although Linux systems are among the most resistant to virus attacks, experts agree that all computer users should take precautionary measures by installing an antivirus program to address potential threats.

AVG Free for Linux can be used on a single computer and is intended for private, non-commercial use only. However, it offers many of the same advantages of the commercial AVG Anti-Virus products. For example, AVG Free for Linux features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that makes the software easy to install and use. Other AVG Free for Linux benefits include:

  • Rapid virus database updates for the lifetime of the product
  • Small update files that do not drain system resources
  • Automatic update functionality
  • AVG On-Demand Scanner, which allows users to perform scheduled and manual tests
  • AVG’s advanced virus detection methods (heuristic analysis, generic detection, scanning) designed to provide maximum virus protection

About Grisoft

Founded in 1991, Grisoft has been focused on developing software solutions that provide computers with protection from viruses. By specializing in antivirus solutions, Grisoft’s primary goal is to deliver to the market the most comprehensive and proactive protection available. Distributed globally through Authorized Resellers and the Internet, the AVG Anti-Virus product line supports all major operating systems and platforms, and is now used by more than 25 million users around the world. For more information, visit

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