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Tweaking Windows XP for Performance, Step 3

Written by IT News on 10:56 PM

3. Increasing file system browsing

Another thing XP has changed is the way the folder icons look. It used to be small icons for the all the drives and the controll panel now it's made up of rather large icons that consume their fair share of the system resources.

3A. To prevent the large icons from taking up too much system resources start by clicking on the view button --> list

3B. Next click on the view button again --> status bar.

3C. Double click on my computer, a window will pop up, at the top of the window click on the tools button --> folder options.

A. General tab, you won't need to do anything here.

B. View tab, it's comprised of two sections, folder view and advanced settings. In the advanced sections area start by making sure you have the same settings as listed below,

:: Folder Options
  • Uncheck - Automatically search for network folders and printers
  • Uncheck - Display file size information in folder tips
  • Uncheck - Display simple folder view of Explorer's Folders list
  • Check - Display the contens of system folders
  • Check - Display the full path in the address bar
  • Check - Display the full path in the title bar
  • Check - Do not cache thumbnails
  • Check - Show hidden files and folders
  • Uncheck - Hide extensions for know file types
  • Check - Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
  • Uncheck - Launch folder windows in a seperate process
  • Uncheck - Remember each folder's view settings
  • Uncheck - Restore previous folder windows at logon
  • Check - Show control panel in My Computer
  • Check - SHow encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color
  • Uncheck - Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items
  • Check - Use simple file sharing

After you're done checking and unchecking all of of those options, click on apply button at the bottom of the window, then at the top. Click on the "Apply to All Folders" button to apply the same settings to ALL windows folders. Click on the X to close the window. You won't need to do anything else on the other tabs.

Now browsing through the Windows file system should be immensely faster.

Continued to Step 4...

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