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Tweaking Windows XP for Performance, Step 4

Written by IT News on 11:39 PM


4. Getting rid of all the extra programs Windows XP installs

4A. Double click on My computer --> control panel --> Add/remove Programs. To the left of the Add/remove Programs window there are three options, choose the last one "Add/Remove Windows Components"

Once the Windows Components Wizard window pops up start unchecking everything except Internet Explorer and Update Root Certificates. When you unselect MSN Exploer it will give you a warning message, just ignore it and click yes. There are some small programs in "Accessories" like calculator, paint, and the games that come with XP. If you need any of them click on "Accessories" then click on "Details" and check and uncheck the ones you need. When you are done with all this exit back to the Wizard and click next. When it's done, click on finished.

Continued to Step 5...

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