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Monitor remote systems with Nagios

Written by IT News on 12:58 AM

Nagios isknow as an Open Source host, service and network monitoring program.

Here I try to introduces you to the potential of Nagios for monitoring your remote systems. Get to know this flexible and powerful tool.

Nagios is a fantastic program that allows you to monitor remote systems for availability. Nagios, available from, is often provided by Linux vendors, so it should be an apt-get or urpmi away.

Nagios makes extensive use of configuration files, typically located in /etc/nagios. The main configuration is /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg and, amongst other configuration options, points to other configuration files using cfg_file directives:


The files above further configure and refine how Nagios works. For instance, the contacts.cfg might contain:

define contact{
contact_name admin
alias admin
service_notification_period 24x7
host_notification_period 24x7
service_notification_options c,r
host_notification_options d,r
service_notification_commands notify-by-email
host_notification_commands host-notify-by-email

This defines who will be receiving alerts, what kind of alerts, and when. Here you can see that the admin is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receives service notifications for critical/recovery notifications for hosts, as well as down/recovery notifications for services.

The first definition is a template (register is set to 0). Other definitions can use this template to build upon, preventing useless duplication of information. The second definition is the actual host, providing what template to use (linux-server), with the host name and alias and IP address. You can define as many hosts as you like and as many templates as you like.

The services.cfg file contains service definitions that are used when monitoring hosts. For instance.

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