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Permanently disable AutoPlay

Written by IT News on 7:23 PM

If you frequently insert and remove CDs, you may want to permanently stop the AutoPlay feature -- specially if you have children that swap game CDs who may not know how to handle "AutoPlays." Unfortunately, you have to take different steps to do this depending on your operating system:

Windows 95

  • Click on "Start"
  • Choose "Settings"and then "Control Panel"
  • Double click on the "System" icon
  • Change to the "Device Manager" tab
  • Double click on the CD-ROM and then the name of the CD-ROM
  • Change to the "Settings" tab
  • Uncheck "Auto Insert Notification" checkbox

Windows NT or Windows XP

  • Run the "Registry Editor" ("Start | Run | RegEdit.exe | ENTER")
  • Double click on "Autorun"
  • Change the value from "1" to "0"
This tip Applicable for : Windows NT, Windows NT 4.x, Windows XP, Windows 95

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