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Tweaking Windows XP for Performance, Step 2

Written by IT News on 10:51 PM


2. Gaining performance through system properties

2A. "Advanced" tab in they system properties window

The first three tabs in system properties you won't need to change, but the third tab called "Advanced" you will. There are some options here you can disable to improve performance. In this tab you'll notice five things you can select: performance, user profiles, start up an recovery, enviromental variables, and error reporting.

A. Select the settings button for the "performance" section and click on the "adjust for best performance option" --> apply --> ok.

B. Select the "Error Reporting" button. Next, select the "diable error reporting" option and uncheck the "but notify me when critical errors" box.

C. The "Remote" tab, uncheck the "Allow Remote Invatations" button, You'll want to turn this feature off for security reasons. If you actually use this feature leave it on.

D. Automatic Updates Tab, Select "Turn off Automatic Updates" option and proceed to next tab.

E. System Restore, You'll want to select the "Turn off System Restore" option. I think this feature is a complete waste of system resources, but for you paranoid psychos out there who think their computer could die at any minute then you can leave this on. Otherwise turn it OFF! It will give you a warning message when you disable it, just click yes when it comes up.

Continued to STEP 3...

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