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AVG is getting beter now

Written by IT News on 9:17 PM

A few months ago people may not take attention to AVG Antivirus, if they use it perhaps because of its free edition. I am, myself using it since three years ago for my ordinary working PC and laptop. Today, AVG is more interesting compare to other antivirus at the market. Actualy in my company that I am working for, use TrendMicro corporate edition with centralized ability. In the future i would prefer to recommend them to migrate to AVG. For information, AVG is also certified by VB100 , VB100 is standard virus tester (my opinion only)

VB100 or virus Bulletin's aim is to offer readers the best impartial advice about anti-virus security and the products on offer.

As the virus threat is continually changing, you should look for products that have achieved a succession of VB100 awards, rather than just one or two. Developers that can best keep their products up to date are more likely to receive VB100 awards.

The relevance of In the Wild detection tests is that the viruses that appear on the WildList are known to be active, causing real-world virus incidents, and doing so in more than just one or two isolated places. Products that are unable to detect these viruses are unlikely to be of widespread appeal.

Note: A VB100 award means that a product has passed the tests, no more and no less. The failure to attain a VB100 award is not a declaration that a product cannot provide adequate protection in the real world if administered by a professional. We would urge any potential customer, when looking at the VB100 record of any software, not simply to consider passes and fails, but to read the small print in the reviews.
At the moment I've install two product of AVG, I love it AntiSpyware too.
IMPORTANT: Whatever antivirus product you have currently using now, its useless if you did not update the virus pattern.

AVG official website :
Download free update :

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