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Does anyone hear about PayPerPost?

Written by IT News on 2:07 AM

A friend of mine told me that having a website or Blogger could earn money easyly with PayPerPost.

I told him ..
"yes, we could earn money by adsense right?"
my friend said ..
"No, this one is easier, simply post an article on your blog"
I am ..
"He..he.. is true? how come?"
my friend ...
"OK, read yourself!, go here"

Soon, after that conversation I went to the PPP's site and learn the methode and wondering why its work?

Now, I have learned that why my friend getting paid by posting an article on his own blog. PayPerPost is an Advertiser company that use blogger as an alternative media.

I think PayPerPost is great advertisement ever, why? 'coz this is a Win-win solution beetwen Advertiser and Publisher. Advertiser will got the result they wanted and Publisher ofcourse got paid for it.

Here is my conclosion to PayPerPost:

  1. Best Advertisement company, Because this is worldwide and new methode in the world PayPerPost™ is an automated system that allows you to promote your web site, product, service, or company through the PayPerPost network of bloggers.
  2. Everyone will gonna loved it, Because they Get paid for blogging. Simply by Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers.
  3. No kidding, If one of you have ever wanting an online job before, you must be frustated for all ponzi and scame. Now you should consider PayPerPost
Now i am proud to be a member of PayPerPost, Don't wash your time simply go to PayPerPost findout more detail at the official site. You will realy got paid for your brain act soon.
I suggested you to have the following requirement before join:
  • valid email address
  • valid paypal account (they made payment using this service)
  • the important thing is a great blog of website that at least have been running for three months
If you need more fact about payment recieved please email me. ads on blogs

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