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NVIDIA claims no implication in Hydra 200 chip delay

Written by IT News on 7:29 PM

Yesterday we reported on the news in the early previews of what Lucid Hydra is 200 chip could, in this development. Although the product is still some time away from becoming available to consumers, there are reports claim that the technology is available on the market of delayed due to interference from Santa Clara, California-based ATI. This note shows that ATI now come with an official response to these reports and point out that no effort to address the above techniques, for his part.

After the said news item, our colleagues over at Fudzilla graphics chip maker contacted for an official response to the rumors of the reported effects of delay Lucid's multi-GPU technology. This statement came from Igor Stanek, Nvidia's product PR manager for Central Europe, which had this to say: "We (Nvidia) welcome Lucid on the market. We believe it is the best NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU solutions, and we are working hard to expectations of gamers' SLI solutions which give good performance. Despite the rumors are unfounded, we do not have to switch to Lucid technology. "

As in previous articles, the Lucid's Hydra technology is designed to provide consumers with the freedom of graphics performance to enhance its system by mixing two different graphics processors from the same vendor or different vendors. One of the first implementations of this chip will be in an MSI motherboard, called the Big Bang, which was delayed due to some problems as a driver of a chip.

Clearly above the MSI motherboard is quite true and that we need to relate to the market fast enough, given that MSI marketing and R & D have invested in this forum and probably want it to be released.

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