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Axle's HD 5970 delivers ultra high-end performance and a large capacity for overclocking

Written by IT News on 7:12 AM

HD 5970Although it came later than the official launch of AMD's Radeon HD 5970 graphics card, Axis version seems to have been waiting for the high-end performance as the powerful Axis HD 5970th Can reach almost unprecedented computing speed, even the most demanding tasks and computer games in the current IT market is hardly a challenge for this video card.

The graphics card is built with two RV870 graphics processors (GPUs), have not less than 2GB GDDR5 memory with a bandwidth of 512 bits and uses the top-end 3200 stream processing units. In total, the processing power is said that more than four teraflops, with only the basic settings, while the great potential for overclocking, the speed increase at higher altitudes.

The video board is fully DirectX 11 and combines the unique properties of HDR Texture Compression Direct Compute and coverage. This dramatically improves all aspects of gaming experience, complemented by Ati-Stream technology, which even the newest games run better and faster at high frame rate. In addition, the map uses the most up-to-date Ati-Eyefinity technology for triple-display setups enable users to fully immerse into the virtual world of media files or games they play.

HD playback is also taken to new heights. The card has an integrated ATI Avivo technology, which makes high-definition Blu-ray video playback and vivid even normal.

Finally, games and HD media playback by far the only use of this card, however. Eyefinity is perfect for watching the application screens simultaneously, and excellent application actively helped by the fact that the overall system performance improved by disposing of data from the CPU to the GPU. This allows any CPU-heavy programs running simultaneously, and ATI PowerPlay technology automatically adjusts the power depending on the GPU business.

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