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Compal is an IT enterprise with plenty of customer-service branches in Taiwan, China, Brazil, the U.S. and Poland

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CompalAlthough Compal had predicted projected onto quarter notebook shipment growth of around 10%, said low stock levels notebook vendors to place more orders for Q4 2009th With this new development, Compal one expects the total sales amount reached (for the entire year) between 37 and 38 million units. This means a jump from the previous forecast increase of 10% to 20%.

"Client stock looks very low, it's Windows 7 effects, and demand looks very strong right now, Compal's Chief Financial Officer Gary Lu said." The current expectation appears to be on the low side and that is why we have revised upwards, "Lu added.

President Ray Chen stated that demand has increased revenue would help and maybe this can quickly increase shipments to new record established on-month growth. Yet there are some problems Compal now face, namely, certain deficiencies in supply, such as passive components, small ICs, DRAMs and special size panels.

The companies under Chen and painstaking work to the purchase of more materials to a notebook shipments are not affected. Despite the company's chief executive, but predicts a panel shortage during the second quarter of 2010, but according to him, around the same time as Compal should begin to benefit from Chen's accession to the board of Chunghwa picture tubes.

Compal new notebook shipment forecast than the previous estimate of 36.5 million units, but according to Chen, this will not affect the expected 5-10% quarter on quarter decline for first quarter 2010 and 20% a year increase for the entire year 2010. Compal chassis is an effort by Ju Teng International, a company that expected a monthly capacity of 900,000 to one million plastic chassis in December. Following this development Compal shares rose 2%.

In parentheses, Compal saw more notable rival, Quanta, also an upward revision of its own forecast, with shipments expected to have five per cent, compared with the previous 10%.

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